Apr 21

An oldie but a goodie

Apr 5

FKi Natasha Mosley & Alkebulan - We Might (Paces Bootleg)

Got more money than I ever had

Apr 5

Drake-Furthest thing (Trippy Turtle Remix)

Been awhile since we had a Drake remix, hasn’t it? This one’s exceptional.

Apr 4


Ok so the song takes its sweet ass time to kick in (50 seconds) but when it does, it’s good and it’s filled with heavy bass and funny nonsensical singing.

Apr 4

Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (PINEO Remix)


Apr 3

It’s yer girl Alicia with a modern spin.

Apr 3

Losco - Scriptina

Bang this in your hood

Mar 14

Do you have gurlfriends? I do and I wanna drink wine and listen to this song with them. Shout outs DJ Gwen West for turning me on

Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (Mikos Da Gawd Remix)

Mar 14

Mastermind Diplo does his duty to a crowdpleasing Queen Bey hit. “duh”s ensue.

Beyonce - Drunk In Love (Diplo Remix)  

Mar 13

Kyle is this seemingly sweet, sweet LA version of The Weeknd or Frank Ocean. He buttons his collars to the top and is very clean and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t do any drugs at all. I don’t know anything about Beni Haze but the two of them on this track is magic and this song is smooth butter. LISTEN.